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What Is A Cake Smash? Read Here!

What is the purpose of a smash cake?

A smash cake is a combination of several ingredients that are combined into a single dessert. These cakes are usually frosted, decorated and presented in a way that makes it hard to eat them.

Smash cakes are typically created to resemble food items such as cookies or desserts. They are often served at events and parties.

A cake smash is the celebration of the first birthday of a child. This event is celebrated by taking a very messy, flavourful, colourful, and sticky photo with your baby.

Birthday celebrations are usually associated with the colours red and yellow because those are commonly associated with birthdays.

Yellow represents happiness and joy, and red symbolises good luck and prosperity. It is a cake smash photography session of a baby or toddler surrounded by birthday cake range.

They are also sometimes used to celebrate special occasions aside from birthday parties such as anniversaries and graduations.

Where did the cake smashing tradition come from?

The term “smash cake” was first coined in the early 1960s. It was popularised in the 1970s.

The earliest example of the term being used was “Smashing cake”, which was a magazine article published in 1972.

The origin of the cake smash concept can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where they were known as “bitters.”

In these days, people would take bitter herbs like aloe vera and add honey and water for sweetness before eating them.

These sweet treats were made popular during World War II, when sugar was rationed and there wasn’t enough food available. The practice continued even after the war had ended.

During this time period, people enjoyed making their own cakes using whatever resources they could get their hands on.

For instance, eggs, flour, oil, milk, butter, etc., were all taken out of rationing and put together to create unique and delicious dishes. 

What is smash cake made of?

There are many ways you can make a smash cake, but most common ones include:

  • Frosting – To give the cake its typical texture, frosting is added onto the top layer.

There are various kinds of frostings, including cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, vanilla glaze, peanut butter icing, caramel sauce, etc. You may also use whipped cream as an alternative.

  • Decorations – Most smash cakes have decorations applied over the entire cake. Some smash cakes only have frosting, while others have sprinkles or other candies placed around the outside.
  • Food Items – Sometimes foods are included inside the cake itself.

For instance, cupcakes, muffins, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, cookie dough balls, waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks, fruits, berries, and more.

Why do people do it?

People have been doing smash cakes since the beginning of civilization. People enjoy having fun while celebrating important moments in life.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t try this exciting activity out too! Even if you’re not planning on hosting an actual party, it will still make for some great photos.

You don’t need any fancy props or anything else – just yourself and lots of creativity!

Some reasons people choose to take part in smash cakes include:

  • To show off how creative and artistic they are.
  • Because they want to express themselves through something other than words.
  • As self expression because many feel that taking part in a dumbest cake trend smash gives them strength and confidence.
  • To share happiness with friends and family who may otherwise miss them due to distance or illness.
  • For fun.
  • To bring awareness to issues related to diabetes and blood glucose management.
  • Just because they really love to bake.

How to prepare for a cake smash?

If you’ve never done one, you’ll probably find it easier to start small. You don’t need to plan ahead of time; just go for it whenever you have free time.

However, if you’re looking forward to creating a memorable experience for someone special, then you should definitely ahead.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for a cake smash:

1. Make sure everyone involved knows what he/she needs to wear, so that nothing gets ruined. For example, shoes must always remain clean and dry.

2. Also, remember to pack extra clothes and toiletries for anyone who might end up getting dirty.

3. Plan the location and timing carefully. If possible, avoid locations where there are children playing around.

4. Don’t forget to set aside plenty of time for cleanup afterwards. Once you’ve finished your smashing session, clean everything up immediately by washing dishes, sweeping floors, wiping surfaces down, mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning windows and mirrors.

5. Decide whether to use disposable plates and cups, reusable ones, or paper towels. If you decide to use disposable items, make sure you wash them thoroughly once you’re finished.

6. Remember to check weather reports beforehand so that you know if rain is going to come in between the two events. This way, you won’t be caught unprepared.

7. Always practice safety first. Before you cut into the cake, ask participants if they’re willing to take part.

8. Consider bringing along a professional photographer or videographer to capture images of the event.

9. Ensure that you have enough food available before starting your cake smashing activities. In fact, double-check with guests about dietary restrictions.

10. Be prepared for unexpected situations like power failures. There’s also a chance of bad weather during cake smashes.

So let the hostess know early on if there’s anything she can do to help ensure smooth sailing.

11. Finally, ask others for advice if you ever run into problems or questions.


Cake Smash sessions are a great way to update your baby’s first year memory book. It is a fun activity to do with your child that can also be used as a milestone for their development.

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