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What Can I Bake Without Eggs? Read It Here!

Can You Bake Without Eggs?

Eggs are a staple ingredient in baking. However, there are several recipes that call for egg substitutes such as flaxseed or applesauce.

Some people find it hard to get used to using these ingredients because they lack the binding power of eggs.

When baking recipes ask for egg whites, what are we supposed to use instead? It’s an often asked question, and sometimes people get confused about how to replace eggs.

Well, you can bake cookies, cakes, brownies, and other desserts without eggs.

And there are a few alternatives to eggs in baking, including flaxseeds, applesauce, bananas, and even soy milk.

You’ll find out what works best for each recipe in this article.

Classic recipe you can make without egg

There are many types of baked goods made with no eggs at all.

They include:

  • Cakes – Cakes are light and fluffy due to their high levels of air. As long as you have flour, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, leavening agent and water, then you should be able to create delicious cake batter. 
  • Vegan chocolate brownies – Brownie batter is basically just like regular cookie dough but usually contains more chocolate chips and nuts than usual.

This makes them extra fudgy and chewy. If your goal is to replicate the texture of a traditional brownie, then consider adding cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips.

  • Double chocolate chip cookies – Cookies are normally very soft and tender, so if you don’t want them to crumble when handling them, then add some shortening or oil to help prevent crumbling.
  • Muffins – Muffin batters contain less liquid so that you end up with muffins rather than cupcakes. The ratio between the dry mix and wet ingredients will vary depending on whether you’re making pancakes or muffins.
  • Pancake Mix – Pancake mixes come pre-mixed with everything needed to cook breakfast. There are two main kinds of pancake mixes available; one uses cornmeal while the other calls for wheat flour.

For example, there are Blue Bunny mixes that contain both gluten free and regular versions.

  • Pie Crust – Pie crusts require only 2 things to work properly; fat and leavening agents. Most pie crusts also need additional sweeteners since most pies aren’t naturally sweet enough.

Though, any type of pastry dough can be substituted for pie crust.

  • Pastry Dough – Pastry dough requires much more preparation time than simply mixing bread or pizza dough. But once you’ve mastered the art of rolling out puff pastry dough, you’ll never go back!
  • Biscuits/Waffles – Baking biscuits and waffles takes longer than baking plain pastries because biscuit and waffle batters must first rest before being rolled into balls or cut

What can you use instead of egg?

The following list includes a few handy alternatives to eggs, which are a crucial ingredient in a lot of cakes, souffles, and other baked goods.

If you’re looking for something else to substitute for eggs, here are some ideas:

1. Flour – You can definitely use flour in place of eggs. However, remember that the amount of flour required varies from recipe to recipe. So be sure to follow directions carefully.

2. Soy Milk – Soymilk has been shown to mimic the properties of eggs better than dairy products such as delicious cheesecake, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggless cheesecake. That said, you may not always see results similar to those found in regular custard based dishes.

3. Applesauce – Applesauces are great because they provide moisture, sweetness, and protein. They even make cakes taste healthier by replacing part of the white flour with applesauce.

4. Flax seed –  Flax seed is one of favourite ways to make baked goods more nutritious.

It has been proven that eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps improve brain health and also reduces inflammation.

If you’re looking for something healthy to add to your diet, then consider adding some ground flax seeds into your daily routine.

Baking without eggs tips

Some people have trouble getting used to making baked foods without eggs. They don’t like the taste difference between regular cake batter and one made with flax seed meal.

But if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional egg based dessert recipes, here is your guide on how to make delicious treats without them.

To start off, let us look at some basic guidelines when replacing eggs:

1) Always measure first before adding any liquid replacement. This will help ensure consistency throughout all batches.

2) Use equal amounts of liquids and dry goods. For example, if you want to substitute 1 cup flour for 2 whole eggs, add 3 tablespoons of water.

If you need more than three cups of flour, then increase the amount of water accordingly.

3) If possible, try substituting different fruit juices. These contain natural sugars which will give your baked good a sweet flavour.

4) Try using nut butters, avocado, coconut oil, honey and maple syrup to create new flavours. In addition, nuts and seeds work well too.

5) Substitute baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and lemon juice for their typical counterparts.

6) Never mix two or more things together; rather, follow the instructions from end. Otherwise, you may not achieve the same results.

7) Check the expiration date on anything containing eggs. Some items expire after six months, while others last up to two years.

8 ) When working with flours, always sift them thoroughly to remove lumps. The texture of your finished product will be much better if you do so.

9) Be careful not to over-mix doughs or batters. Over mixing makes them tough. Instead, gently stir until everything comes together.

10) Don’t forget to grease pans properly! Greasing helps prevent sticking.

11) And finally, never leave food unattended during cooking. While waiting, cover your kitchen countertop and keep hot dishes away from cold ones.

Now that you know the basics, read through our list of recipes below to see how easy it really is to bake without eggs.


If you are ovo-lacto vegetarian, there are many options for you to bake using egg replacement. I recommend using egg replacer, egg-free cookie dough, egg-free pancake mix, and eggless eggnog.

Additionally, there are eggless egg replacer for baking that are made with chia seeds, soy flour, or garbanzo flour that you can use.

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