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How To Store Fondant Cake? Read Here!

Can you store cake fondant?

Cake fondant is the icing of cakes. It’s used to cover cakes and add decoration. The problem is that once it has been cut out, it hardens.

Well, yes you can store cake fondant for up to 6 months in an airtight container. You can store cake fondant in airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to a week to a month.

So, if you want to save it for later, you can freeze it. But, the key thing is to keep it away from heat because it can turn brown.

We’ll show you how to store fondant for later use.

What is Fondant?

It’s made by adding water to powdered sugar or corn syrup. Then melted butter until smooth. Once mixed into a paste-like consistency, this mixture becomes fondant.

Fondant comes in different colours like white, black, red, orange, etc.This video will be about storing White fondant which is also called as gumpaste.

This recipe uses only 3 ingredients: Sugar, Water & Butter.

You might wonder why we are not using egg yolk here. Because eggs make it sticky when you try to roll fondant on your hands or fingers. So, just go with plain old egg whites!

If you don’t have any fondant ready, then make this right now! Let us know what fondants do you usually buy at local grocery stores? We would love to hear them!

Ways to store Fondant cake

1) Wrap in a plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Then put it inside an airtight container.

2) Put it into your freezer. Once frozen, remove them from the freezer and then transfer them back to the fridge when needed.

3) If you have no refrigerator at home, just leave it outside on the ground!

4) Don’t forget to label each bag with its contents so that they won’t get mixed up together.

5) Don’t be scared about using this method, because many people do this every day with no problems. You don’t need to worry too much.   

6) Use common sense while storing fondants.

Tips for storing fondant cakes

  • Make sure there isn’t anything else stored near the fondant. As mentioned above, the fondant will change colour as soon as the temperature rises. So avoid putting other food items around it.
  • Keep the fondant away from direct sunlight since exposure to UV rays may cause discolouration.
  • Be careful not to touch the fondant directly after cutting it. Instead, use clean hands to take it off. This way you won’t contaminate it.
  • When removing the fondant from the container, make sure the lid is closed tightly. Otherwise, moisture could enter through small gaps and affect the quality of the fondant masterpiece.
  • Do not reuse the same containers repeatedly. Each time you use the container, wash it thoroughly before storing fondants. This would prevent contamination between different batches.
  • Always check the expiration date printed on the package. That way, you know whether to discard it or to continue using it.
  • If possible, try to buy fondant made by professionals instead of buying homemade fondant. They usually have more precise measurements, which means less waste.

How do you strengthen a fondant cake to prevent cracking?

Fondant cakes are soft-textured, creamy to rich cakes made with fondant icing. They are composed of a mixture of butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and flavourings.

Fresh-made fondant cakes do not last long when refrigerated. It is best to keep them at room temperature.

You can reinforce the fondant layer with various methods such as

1) adding additional layers;

2) applying frosting first followed by fondant

3) layering fondant over the top

4) covering the bottom surface with gum paste

5) adding extra fondant master on both sides.

There are lots of ways to reinforce a fondant cake. We hope these tips help you achieve perfect results! Happy baking!

Is it OK to leave a fondant cake out?

Yes, you can leave a fondant cake undisturbed for 2-3 days if kept properly. However, if left longer than 3 days, the fondant should probably be refrigerated until used.

In fact, some shops even recommend keeping it refrigerated all week long. Just keep in mind that the fondant becomes softer once exposed to room temperatures.

Therefore, it’s best to serve it within 1 hour.

If you encrust your cake in fondant, there is no need to store it in the fridge. Most cakes are built out of butter, flour, sugar, etc. – food.

The only exception is the fondant, but that’s not edible.

How does temperature affect fondant cakes?

Fondant sets faster at room temperature than in inhospitable environments. When storing fondant cakes at room temperature, keep them well-wrapped until used. Try to store them somewhere cool.

The best place would be under refrigeration if you want to prolong their shelf life. If you live in tropical climates like our country, you should also fondant cakes in the shade.

It shouldn’t exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, though.

Humidity affects how fast the fondant cake hardens. The higher the humidity level, the longer it takes for the fondant cake fresh to set completely.

Humid air causes condensation inside the container, making it difficult to cut the fondant evenly. It’s better to choose an environment where relative dryness prevails.

How long does fondant cake last in the fridge?

As mentioned above, fondant cakes will remain edible for up to 7 days in your refrigerator. But why wait so long when there are other options available.

Fondant cakes last for 1-2 weeks. If you’re not eating the cake within this time, wrap the cake in plastic wrap and then in foil.

A simple alternative is to freeze it. You just need to let it thaw overnight or during office cooler hours then decorate it immediately. 

Some people actually prefer freezing fondant because they find its texture smoother compared to fresh ones. Others say it tastes slightly sweeter. So what’s your preference?

Last words

when you’re done with your cake with fondant, store it in an airtight container in the fridge.

Fondant decorations are an air-hardening sugar paste, so it’s important to keep it in an air-tight environment to keep it from drying out. Obviously, keep your slices of fondant cake away from pests, too.

Still avoid putting your fondant-covered cake in the fridge. The moisture in the fridge will make it sticky and hard to work with.

If you have to refrigerate the cake, cover it tightly with plastic wrap. If you use dry fondant, avoid refrigerating it.

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