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How To Tier A Cake With Pillars? Our Guide Here!

Tiering a cake with pillars is easy. First, you need to cut the cake into layers. Then, you need to place each cake layer on top of another until you reach the bottom of the cake. Finally, you need to decorate the cake with icing.

Here’s how you stack the cake:

1) Place one piece of cake onto your serving plate or cake stand.

2) Cut off about 1/4 inch from the edge of the first piece of cake so that it fits snugly against the next piece of cake. This will help keep everything in line and make sure there are no gaps between pieces.

3) Repeat this process for all remaining cakes.

Now, here’s what you do when you’re finished stacking them up:

1) Use an offset spatula to spread frosting over the entire surface of the cake. You can use as much or little as you want to depend on how thick you like your frosting. If you don’t have enough frosting, just add more!

2) Once you’ve covered the whole cake, sprinkle some sprinkles around the edges if desired.

3) Now comes the fun part – adding the cake pillars! Start by placing a pillar at the cake center. Make sure that the base of the pillar sits flat on the cake.

Next, take two small spoons, and push them down firmly on either side of the pillar.

The goal is to create a hole through which you can insert the tip of a toothpick. When you remove the spoons, you should be able to see the toothpick sticking out of the middle of the cake. Repeat these steps for every other column.

Don’t worry too much about making things perfect; they’ll look better once you put the final touches on them.

Once you’re done, let the cake sit overnight before slicing and eating. Enjoy!

Using a long dowel rod

If you’d prefer not to use pillars, you can also use a long dowel rod instead.

To get started, simply follow the same instructions above but without using any spoons.

Instead, hold the end of the dowel rod vertically while pushing down hard on both sides of the cake.

The goal is to create holes where you can stick the tips of a pair of tweezers. Remove the tweezers after inserting them into the cake. Repeat this step for every other column. Don’t forget to leave room for the candles!

If you’d rather skip the pillars altogether, then go ahead and start cutting away at the cake right now. Just remember that you won’t be able to fit as many columns in the cake because you won’t have space for pillars.

To assemble a cake without pillars, you will need:

  • A large round cake.
  • Two 8″ round pans filled halfway full with batter.
  • Three 6″ round pans filled halfway with batter.
  • Six 4″ square pans filled halfway with batter.
  • One 3″ round pan filled halfway with batter. Note: The last three pans must be placed upside down.
  • Four 2″ round pans filled halfway.
  • Eight 5×5 squares made from parchment paper.
  • Ten 10x 
  • 10 rectangles cut from parchment paper.

How to build a cake without pillars

Steps 1 & 2: Prepare the layers.

Place the bottom layer on top of your serving platter or base cake board. Using a serrated knife, slice off about 1/8th inch from each corner of the cake. Then, place another cake on top of the bottom layer.

Repeat until you reach the top layer.

Step 3: Fill the cake tiers.

 Fill all eight 4″ rounds with vanilla buttercream. Place one chocolate ganache filling between each set of four cakes. Top it with a second batch of vanilla buttercream.

Next, fill the six 6″ rounds with white fondant icing. Cover the tops of the cakes with plastic wrap so that no air gets trapped inside. Let the cakes dry completely overnight.

Step 4: Assemble the cake.

Remove the plastic wrap from the cakes.

Use an offset spatula to smooth over the frosting. If necessary, trim around the edges of the cakes.

Now comes the tricky part… You want to make sure that there are no gaps left when assembling the cake.

To do this, first, line up the bottoms of the cakes together.

Then, gently press down on the sides of the cakes. This helps ensure that everything fits perfectly. Once you’ve lined up the cakes, carefully flip them over.

Use an offset spatula to spread some more frosting onto the backside of the cakes. Make sure to cover the entire surface area.

Finally, remove the plastic wrap from the top of the cake. Now’s the time to add the pillars. Start by placing two pieces of pillar candy on either side of the middle section of the cake.

Add additional pillars if desired.

Next, attach the remaining candies to the sides of the cake. Finally, use a toothpick to poke small holes through the center of the cake. Insert the ends of the candle holders into these holes.

You’re done! Enjoy your beautiful cake!

How to Make a Tiered Cake

Tiered cakes are perfect for any occasion. They look elegant and sophisticated, but they aren’t difficult to put together. 

What Is a Tiered Cake?

A tiered cake has multiple levels stacked atop one another. Each level represents a different season, holiday, event, etc. For example, you could make a springtime wedding cake using several tiers.

Or maybe you’ll make a Halloween cake featuring ghosts and pumpkins. Whatever the case may be, tying a cake is easy once you know what steps to take.

Prepare Your Ingredients

The most important thing before starting to assemble your tiered cake is preparing your ingredients.

First, decide which type of cake will go in each tier. Will it be sponge cake, angel food cake, pound cake, or something else entirely?

Also, choose the size of the cake. Do you need a large 8-inch cake or perhaps a smaller 7-inch cake instead.

The next step is choosing the toppings. What kind of decorations should you include? Should you have candles, flowers, fruit, nuts, sprinkles, sugar crystals, etc.? These decisions can help determine the overall appearance of your finished product.

Assembling Tier Cake

Once you’ve decided on the types of layers and their sizes, start building your individual cake tiers.

Begin by lining up the base of the cake with its corresponding tier. Then, place the bottom layer of the cake on top of the tier. Repeat until all of the cake tiers are assembled.

If you’d like to decorate the outside of your cake, now would be the best time to do so. However, don’t forget about the interior of the cake as well.

After adding the final layer of cake, insert dowels into the cake at regular intervals. This allows you to easily lift out individual slices later on.

Frosting & Decorating Tips

When it comes to frosting your tiered cake, remember that the outermost layer must always remain white.

If you try to apply icing to the exterior of the cake, it won’t show up properly against the darker color of the other cake tiers. Instead, stick to simple buttercreams such as vanilla or chocolate.

Next, consider whether you want to pipe designs directly onto the cake itself. You might also opt to cover the entire surface with fondant. Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that piping requires more skill than simply spreading an even coat of icing over the cake. It takes practice to get good results.

Lastly, when applying decorations to the cake, avoid covering too much area. Otherwise, you risk making the whole cake appear lumpy. Stick to just a few details per tier. That way, no matter where you slice off a piece, everything looks uniform.

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