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How Far In Advance Can I Marzipan A Fruit Cake? Read Here!

You can marzipan a fruitcake up to 2 weeks in advance. However, it is best to do it at least 1 week in advance. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to work with the marzipan.

How long does marzipan last?

Marzipan will keep for about 6 months if stored properly and sealed well. If your marzipan has been exposed to air or moisture, then it may start to dry out after 3-4 days of storage.

You should store it away from direct sunlight as this could cause discoloration over time.

Can I use almond extract instead of vanilla extract when making marzipan?

Yes! Almond extract works just fine. It gives an amazing flavor that’s not too overpowering. Just be sure to add more sugar than usual so that it doesn’t become bitter.

In addition, you can also substitute orange juice concentrate for some of the water used in the recipe. This makes the marzipan extra moist and flavorful.

What are the different types of marzipan?

There are many varieties of marzipan available on the market today.

Some are made using almonds only while others include hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts etc.

The most common type of marzipan is called “almonds” which means they contain no other ingredients besides ground almonds.

Other popular types of marzipan include:

Almond paste – contains almonds, egg whites, honey & sometimes milk powder.

Hazelnut Marzipan – Contains hazelnuts, eggs, honey & salt.

Pistachio Marzipan – Contains pistachios, eggs, honey & sometimes milk powders.

Coconut Marzipan – Contains coconut flakes, eggs, honey & usually milk powder.

Walnut Marzipan –  has nuts, eggs, honey & salt added into them.

If you want to make something special like chocolate-covered fruits, Nutella filled cakes, candied nuts, etc., then you need to buy specialty marzipans.

These have additional flavors such as cocoa, coffee, caramelized sugars, etc.

What are some good uses for Marzipan?

The possibilities are endless! Use it on fruit cake, cookies, cupcakes, pies, tarts…the list goes on and on.

Do you have any tips for working with marzipan?

We recommend using a food processor to cut the marzipan into small pieces. This makes cutting much easier and ensures that there aren’t any lumps left behind.

Also, we like to roll the marzipan between two sheets of parchment paper before placing it onto the baking sheet.

This helps prevent sticking while rolling and also keeps the marzipan nice and flat. When adding color to the marzipan, try mixing in some sprinkles first.

Then once all the colors look evenly distributed, mix in the rest of the coloring agents. Be careful though because these tend to stain hands easily.

Also, don’t forget to dust off excess flour from the surface of the marzipan before applying decorations. Otherwise, the decorations won’t stick very well.

How to store marzipan covered fruit cake

To store marzipan-covered fruits cake, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and place them in a large airtight cake boxes. Store them in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

As long as the marzipan isn’t exposed to air or humidity, it’ll last up to six months.

However, if the marzipan starts drying out, simply rewrap it in fresh plastic wrap and return it back to the fridge.

How do I decorate my marzipan-covered fruitcake?

Decorating your marzipan-covered fruitcakes is easy peasy!

Simply apply royal icing glaze to the entire cake.

You may use either regular white frosting or royal icing. If you’re making lighter fruit cakes, then you should probably go ahead and double the amount of royal icing glaze since they take less time to bake.

If you want to get creative, you could always pipe designs directly onto the marzipan. Or maybe you’d prefer to draw pictures instead. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity here!

Just be sure not to overdo it so that the design doesn’t end up looking too messy. 

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