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Copycat Costco Pumpkin Pie Recipe

To elevate the flavors of Costco's pumpkin pie, gather pumpkin puree, spices, eggs, cream, and half and half. For the crust, you'll need flour, butter, and salt. Preheat to 375°F, prepare and pre-bake the crust; try an all-butter pie dough. To enrich flavors, add decorative shapes, lattice patterns, and serve with whipped cream or ice cream. Nutritionally, each serving contains 355 calories, 40g carbs, 5.3g protein, 20g fat, and 12g saturated fat. And there's more to uncover to perfect your homemade delight.


To recreate Costco's famous pumpkin pie, gather key ingredients like pumpkin puree, spices, eggs, cream, and half and half. The pumpkin pie filling is the heart of this dessert, known for its creamy texture and rich pumpkin flavor.

For the crust, you'll need pantry staples like flour, butter, and salt to achieve that flaky and buttery base that complements the filling perfectly.

This copycat recipe aims to replicate the easy and homemade taste of Costco's pumpkin pie, making it a delightful treat for any occasion.

Recipe Instructions

Begin by preheating your oven to 375°F and preparing your pie crust according to the recipe instructions.

Follow these steps to recreate the delicious Costco Pumpkin Pie at home:

  1. Prepare the Pie Crust
  • Roll out the pie dough and line a deep dish pie pan, crimping the edges for a decorative finish.
  • Pre-bake the pie crust to make sure it stays crisp once the filling is added.
  • Use an all-butter pie dough made with einkorn flour to achieve the perfect texture for your homemade Costco copycat pie.
  1. Mix the Filling
  • In a bowl, combine the canned pumpkin with the custard filling ingredients for a smooth and flavorful mixture.
  • Pour the pumpkin puree filling into the pre-baked pie crust, spreading it evenly.
  1. Bake the Pie
  • Place the pie in the preheated oven and bake for the specified time until the filling is set.
  • Allow the pie to cool before serving to enjoy a slice of Costco's iconic pumpkin pie right at home.

Baking and Cooling Tips

baking and cooling advice

For best results, consider using proper baking and cooling techniques when preparing your Costco Pumpkin Pie at home. To start, pre-bake the pie crust before adding the pumpkin mixture. This step guarantees a crisp and flaky texture that complements the creamy filling. If you're using a homemade pumpkin pie crust recipe, remember to use pie weights or prick the crust with a fork before baking to prevent it from puffing up.

Once the pie is baked, allow it to cool on a wire rack. Cooling the pie this way helps prevent condensation, ensuring even cooling and a better texture.

To avoid over-browning of the crust, cover the pre-baked pie with foil while it's in the oven. After baking, refrigerate the pie to help the filling set and improve the flavors.

When it's time to serve, let the pie come to room temperature. This step brings out the flavors and textures of your delicious homemade or store-bought Costco Pumpkin Pie.

Serving Suggestions

Take your Costco Pumpkin Pie experience to the next level by adding a dollop of freshly whipped cream or a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top before serving. These simple serving suggestions can elevate your pumpkin pie, enriching its flavor and creating a delightful dessert experience.

Here are a few ideas to enrich your Costco Pumpkin Pie:

  1. Whipped Cream: Top your slice of pumpkin pie with a generous swirl of whipped cream for a light and airy contrast to the rich filling.
  2. Ice Cream: Serve a scoop of vanilla ice cream alongside your pie for a delicious combination of warm pie and cold, creamy ice cream.
  3. Pie Dough Decorations: Utilize any extra pie dough from the recipe to create decorative shapes or lattice patterns on top of the pie for a visually appealing presentation.

Nutritional Information

healthy eating preferences detailed

To grasp the impact of indulging in Costco's pumpkin pie, it's important to consider the nutritional information per serving. A single serving of this delectable treat packs 355 calories, 40g of carbohydrates, 5.3g of protein, and 20g of fat.

Moreover, each slice contains 12g of saturated fat, 155mg of cholesterol, and 547mg of sodium. On the fiber front, you'll get 2.5g per serving, along with 22g of sugar. Understanding these numbers can help you make informed choices about your dietary intake.

Whether you're watching your calorie intake, monitoring your fat consumption, or keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels, being aware of the nutritional content of Costco's pumpkin pie can guide your eating habits. So, next time you indulge in a slice, remember these figures to balance your diet effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Costco Make Their Pumpkin Pie?

When making pumpkin pie, you mix pumpkin filling with spices for flavor. Secrets for a perfect crust involve pre-baking to avoid sogginess. Baking guarantees ideal texture. The pie's size, sweetness, and seasonal availability are all carefully considered in the process.

Does Costco Bake Their Own Pies?

Yes, Costco bakes their own pies in-house. Their bakery oversight guarantees quality control in pie production. They carefully source ingredients, employing baking techniques to uphold brand reputation. Fresh pies meet holiday demand, with customer feedback guiding improvements.

Does Costco Pumpkin Pie Have Ginger?

When making Costco Pumpkin Pie, you won't find ginger in the mix. The classic recipe emphasizes a rich pumpkin flavor heightened by cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. It's a seasonal treat perfect for holiday desserts.

How Long Can You Keep a Costco Pumpkin Pie in the Refrigerator?

You can keep a pumpkin pie in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. To maintain freshness, store it properly with plastic wrap or foil. If you want to freeze it, that's good for 2 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.


Now that you have the recipe for Costco's famous pumpkin pie, you can enjoy this delicious dessert anytime in the comfort of your own home.

So grab your ingredients, follow the simple instructions, and treat yourself to a slice of homemade goodness.

Happy baking!

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