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Are Crumpets Healthier Than Bread? Find Out Here!

Are crumpets healthy?

If you’ve ever been tempted by a freshly home-made crumpet, then you might wonder whether these breakfast treats are worth adding to your diet.

A crumpet is essentially a flatbread made from a crumpet batter, similar to a pancake. It’s served warm and drizzled with butter or jam and toppings for crumpets with cream cheese or even chocolate spread.

They’re often thought of as a British delicacy, but they were originally invented in Ireland. And while they’re traditionally eaten at breakfast time, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them throughout the day.

Regular crumpets are one of the most popular breakfast items in the United Kingdom.

We all know they taste excellent for breakfast, but are they healthy? The short answer is yes, well-baked crumpet are healthy.

Crumpets are very healthy because they are mostly made of wholemeal flour, with no added fat, sugar, or salt!

But remember, just as with any other food, moderation is key. If you eat too many crumpets every day, then you could end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

So, enjoy them once in a while, not every day. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’ll help flush toxins from your system.

There are many reasons crumpets are good for dieting, but if you want to know why, then read on!

Which is much healthier: Bread or Crumpets?

Slice of bread and crumpets are both fine and delicious foods – and sometimes they may even be your “go-to” foods in the mornings.

But with certain health and nutrition issues and conditions, do crumpets and piece of bread really compare to one another in terms of nutritional value?

To begin with, the most obvious difference between crumpets and bread is the shape. Crumpets are round, while the loaf of bread is more elongated.

Crumpets are more nutritious than quick bread, because they are made with whole meal flour and are therefore more filling. They are also lower in fat than most other varieties of bread.

Crumpets are made from refined flour, water, salt and yeast. They have a high water content and a low-gluten content.

They also have a soft, spongy cakes texture and a porous structure which makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients.

The low GI (glycaemic index) of crumpets means that the energy released into the body is absorbed more slowly.

This means that there is less food that enters the bloodstream, allowing for a more even release of energy, which is beneficial for the body.

Types of crumpets

Did you know there are other types of crumpets?  Yes, there are many kinds of crumpets available on supermarket shelves today.

1. White crumpets

  • Contain refined wheat flour.
  • This contains more sugar, fat and protein
  • White crumpets are lighter and slightly sweeter than their darker counterparts.

White crumpets are considered being better for people on weight loss diets, since they are lower in carbs and higher in fibre. However, if you want something sweet, indulge yourself.

2. Wholegrain

  • This contain bran.

Wholegrain crumpets are a type of crumpet which have been made from wholemeal flour, rather than the normal white flour.  They have a much nuttier flavour, and a harder texture.

Whole grains are great for those looking to lose weight, since they provide an extra source of dietary fibre. This helps slow down digestion so that fewer calories enter the blood stream.

3. Gluten Free

These do not contain any wheat at all. Instead, they use rice flour instead of wheat flour. These are usually baked using baking powder, bicarbonate soda and xanthan gum.

Gluten free crumpets may taste quite bland compared to traditional crumpets, but they still offer plenty of nutritional value.

The main benefit of these crumpets is that they are suitable for anyone suffering from celiac disease.

4. Brown Crumpets

Brown crumpets are like white crumpets, except that they are cooked with molasses. Molasses contain iron, calcium and potassium.

It’s also high in antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest foods around.

5. Cornish Pastry Crumpets

Cornish pastry crumpets are very popular among British chefs.

They are typically served warm with butter and jam.

6. Multigrain Crumpets

Multigrain crumpets are made from various grains such as oats, rye, barley and spelt. They are sometimes called “wheatless” because they lack the usual amount of wheat found in most crumpets.

Are crumpets good for dieting?

Yes, crumpets are good for dieting because crumpets have a low-calorie content. Traditional crumpets have a low-calorie content, since they are prepared from wheat flour and water.

But only occasionally. If you eat too many crumpets every single morning, then yes, they could cause problems. Eating just 1 or 2 per week should be okay.

If you’re trying to cut back on carbohydrates, then wholegrain crumpets can help you achieve this goal by providing additional fibre.

Fibre has several benefits including helping control cholesterol levels, reducing hunger pangs and keeping us regular.

If you’re not cutting back on carbohydrate intake, however, then don’t worry about having them as part of your breakfast routine. Just make sure you choose the right crumpet.

Here are 3 reasons you should add these tasty snacks into your diet:

  • Crumpets are thought to be better for people who are on weight loss diets, due to their lower carb count. But if you want something sweet, indulge yourself.
  • Average crumpet will give you more nutrients like protein, vitamins B1, E and C, folate, magnesium, zinc and manganese.
  • You’ll get even more nutrition when you opt for brown crumpets. The added molasses gives them a rich caramelised flavour.

So there you go – now you know everything you need to know about eating healthy while enjoying delicious crumpets.

Calorie content of crumpets 

First, how many does a crumpet weigh?

A standard size crumpet weighs approximately 100 grams. It comes in two sizes – small and large. Small ones measure roughly 10 cm across, whereas larger ones come up to 15cm wide.

This means that portion of crumpet or each serving provides between 50 and 60 calories.

However, some varieties of crumpet are higher than others. For example, Cornish pastries are heavier than other types.

Are Crumpets Bread?

Crumpets, a baked good made from a yeast dough, have been around for centuries, but now they have rocketed to popularity.

They are now being regularly consumed by various cultures from around the world, and as a result, the crumpet has been rather overused as a noun.

However, perhaps crumpets and bread, as food types, are not the same thing – bread is a savoury, round bread that is baked and served as a staple food in many cultures.

While a crumpet is a sweet, round, yeast-leavened cake that is baked and served as a treat or a dessert.

Final Words

Crumpets are a great, healthy alternative to bread. They are a much healthier choice due to the lack of gluten and carbs used in them.

The main carb used in crumpets is oats. They also have a great taste, texture and they are easy to eat.

If you are looking to lose weight or just want a healthy snack, then I would highly recommend trying crumpets.

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