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Best Bread Knife – Reviewing The Perfect Slice 2020

Ever bought a bread knife only to find that it really just does not work for you and your intended purposes?

Worry no more, I will review various kinds of bread knives, their good and bad points (pun intended) and conclude on which is the best in the market.

Let’s begin:

Dalstrong Bread Knife

This has been described as one of the dream knives in the UK, perfectly engineered to suit your needs. With an ergonomically shaped handle, with perfect weight and blade length which makes it comfortable to use while slicing through a loaf of bread.

It has geometrically angled serrations and long blade length to cut slices as thin as you want them without causing a mess of crumbs and crumbling bread slices.

A feature that most bread knives have that makes them good is the core having high carbon levels making it extra sharp and as such it retains an edge for a very long time which is a very important aspect.

The blade is tapered to reduce resistance putting this among the best bread knives.

It has a G10 handle of military grade strength which ensures its durability making it a worthwhile investment in the long term. This also means that it does not wear down due to exposure to moisture and heat which are inescapable in a kitchen environment.

It is basically free of risk as it has a 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction which I think is a pretty good deal everything considered.


  • The military grade, G10 strength makes sure of its durability making it a good investment.
  • It has been described as the Samurai of bread knives because of how effortless it is to use and how thin the slices it can achieve due to its length and sharpness.
  • The blade retains an edge for a very long time.


  • It is very expensive for a bread knife, it is out of very many people’s budgets but the target market who acquire it do not regret the outlay.

Sunnecko Bread Knife

This bread knife is of good quality in terms of functionality, durability and affordability.

It has an ergonomically constructed handle with perfect weight and good sized blade length which is neither too long or too short, making the cutting process easy.

It has a 73-layer Damascus cladding that makes for exceptional durability and removes the need to replace your knife often due to wear and tear.

Its perfectly serrated edge makes for easy cutting of bread without causing a mess of badly cut slices with crumbs everywhere.

The good thing about it is how versatile it is, it can be used to cut through bread, soft fruits, cheese and even meats. How good a deal is that?


  • Its versatility is striking, it can be used on different foods including; cheese, a loaf of bread and even poultry.
  • This knife is very affordable in the UK market considering the great functionality and durability it provides.
  • It is well- serrated which makes using it a pleasure and puts it up there among the best bread knives.


  • Some users have remarked that it does not always cut evenly unless you cut slowly and monitor it every inch of the way.

Zelite Infinity Bread Knife

This beautiful bread knife has the Japanese Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern which makes it an absolutely stunning kitchen accessory with a keen edge that rarely needs sharpening.

This knife comes in a well-packaged box that makes it an appropriate gift for that friend or family member who loves kitchenware.

It has a sixty seven layer Carbon stainless steel edge which makes it impervious to wear and tear and the keen blade is therefore maintained. You will not need to constantly sharpen this well serrated bread knife because of this.

It has an ergonomically designed rounded handle which gives good grip for your cutting needs. It is light but still has enough heft to cut through tough cuts.

The blade is 8-inches which is the perfect length, able to easily slice through most items.

The sharp serrated edges on the blade make it ideal for cutting fruits, crusty breads and cheeses without any undue pressure and messy food splatters.


  • The beautiful and well-thought out packaging makes it an awesome gift to give to someone who would appreciate such a thoughtful gift.
  • It is very affordable, almost a steal considering its abilities.
  • The ergonomically rounded handle gives it such perfect grip without being uncomfortable when in use for a long time.
  • Perfect for left-handed people because of ease of handling.


  • Some users have remarked that the handle of the knife can be a bit on the heavy side in terms of weight making it hard to wield for a long time.

Zwilling Twin Four Star II Bread Knife

This knife is part of the Twin four star II series of universal knives.

It has an ergonomically shaped handle that makes cutting a very comfortable experience.

Made from high carbon stainless steel which gives them great strength and ability to cut through tough crusts and fruit covering.

The handle has a stainless steel end cap which means that food particles cannot collect and stick there making it the most hygienic knife on the market and one of the best due to this single aspect.

It has Friodur ice-hardened blade that keeps it keen and impervious to wear and tear including corrosion for a very long time.


  • The comfortable handle make sit a comfortable knife where the user does not get calluses from long usage.
  • The stainless steel finish makes it durable and as such a long term investment.
  • It has a finger guard that prevents our fingers from slipping onto the blade thus ensuring your safety during usage.
  • The end cap which makes sure that no food particles collect at the base of the knife is a game changer in terms of hygiene.
  • The serrated blade has a Rockwell hardness of 57 which keeps it stable and easy to sharpen if the need ever arises.


  • Unless keenly monitored, the sawing motion can be a bit uneven in how it cuts.

Dalstrong Phantom Series Knives

This elegant, bread knife is part of the Phantom series of knives and its qualities boosts it onto this list of best bread knives.

The blade is Nitrogen-cooled for hardness and corrosion resistance making it durable and long lasting.

It is single bevel with a Rockwell hardness of 57 putting it among the top range of perfectly weighted and hardened knives.

At nine inches, the blade length is absolutely perfect for easy slicing which avoids crumbling of slices and messy crumbs from imprecise slicing all over the place.

Comes with a dragon-lock Dalstrong sheath for easy and stylish storage.

With an ergonomic bolster shape for easy handling, and perfect blade length for easy cutting motion when cutting a loaf of bread, this is perfection in motion.

The tapered blade reduces resistance making cutting anything very easy with absolutely no resistance.

It has a brass and copper mosaic coupled with a red spacer which makes it a very attractive kitchen accessory to own for those who are specific about such things.

It has a satisfaction or money back guarantee which is a pretty amazing feature to be honest, they’re basically backing themselves to be so good you won’t want to return it, great customer service if you ask me.


  • It is a very affordable serrated knife considering the outrageous prices being quoted out there, it does not lose out on functionality either due to its price.
  • The handle is laminated and hand polished to make it as comfortable as possible to use.
  • The corrosion resistance is a major plus, most knives lose their keenness due to this aspect making them useless after a few months.


  • The blade dulls after a few uses and needs to be sharpened regularly which might not be that convenient for most people.

Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife

Apart from the very special name, this knife has all the necessary qualities to put it in the best bread knives category.

First of all, it is very affordable and on top of that very flexible and can cut through just about anything in the kitchen including; hard bread crusts, soft fruits and vegetables.

The handle is made from Italian walnut wood and is geometrically shaped for comfortable handling during use.

The length of the stainless steel blade is ideal for easy cutting and makes even cuts and thin slices.

Th blade has high carbon concentration keeping the razor sharp serrations keen for a long time.


  • It is light-weight without losing any of the heft needed on much tougher foods making it easy to wield for a long time.
  • It is also very affordable and with the lifetime warranty against any defects, it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Very comfortable to use with the geometrically shaped handle.


  • While the edge is very keen, it has to keep on being sharpened after a few uses because it loses its sharpness after sustained usage.


The subject of best kitchen knives is exhaustive, I have outlined the merits and demerits of all these knives and come to a suitable conclusion.

I have taken into consideration factors like; affordability, comfort of handling, flexibility, durability, weight, length of the blade, how long the keenness persists. These are the aspects that brings in the difference between these products.

The best bread knife in the UK is the Dalstrong bread knife of the Shogun series. This is the best of these products and carries the day in the overall chart.